The path less traveled…

Well. What can I say? It was only a little earlier in this blog that I was taking stock of everything that had happened this year, and being bamboozled by the unexpectedness of it all. And now here is the biggest surprise of all; PLOT CHANGE!!!!!!!! I have adjusted my direction yet again and I’ve set the Sat Nav destination to ‘life purpose’. It’s funny how it takes a twist or niggle in your ‘alignment-sphincter’ to catapult you into action (oh, come now; we *all* have one. How often have you done something which feels icky enough for you to physically feel something contorting in your ‘internal-sensibilities’? *That’s* your alignment-sphincter being pummelled. Your ‘internal-sensibilities’ is a related internal organ, but not quite in the same place. More about that another day…..) AND, not only that, how devious and frankly unhelpful our logical, rational brains are by persuading us that ‘on paper’, this, that or the other, sphincter-twisting activity is actually the most sensible option!!! So it takes a huge fookin’ great leap of faith to stop, reassess and choose to follow your instinct, your passion or simply what feels more……..aligned with who you are.

I am being ever-so-slightly cryptic; I don’t need to be. Suffice to say that I was working in a job which on paper was my dream situation, and, actually, for some lucky person it WILL be, however, it was taking my focus and energy away from the other stuff that I have dreamed of doing for, it seems like, forever, and which feels more important to me in the long term. Pupskins’ arrival (amongst other things) has stirred a colossal, ecstatic uprising from my internal-sensibilities (in more ways than one; peppermint tea anybody?) and I’m gonna have a go at living a life that utilises my skills, talents, passions, values and beliefs, and see what happens. That may be a little unconventional but a) I don’t care, b) what have I got to lose, and c) ooooohhhhhh the writhing of my passion-pipes cannot be muted. Yes, passion-pipes. Do you folk not know anything about your emotional innards?

So I’ve veered off the safe, conventional and not-fulfilling-enough route that I’d swerved onto and I’m going to explore the back alleys, overgrown snickets, and ne’er-traversed lanes of opportunity. Come with me, metaphorically anyway, via this blog. We’ll start a passion-revolution. (Well, right after I’ve bought a new camera for all the fantastic photographs I’m gonna be taking… You can’t start a revolution and not photograph it.)

I’m not a great Robert Frost fan, it was always Edward Thomas for me (did my Masters dissertation on his poetry and prose, donchaknow – but that’s a story for another day). But this little snippet of his poem The Road Not Taken* keeps drifting in and out of my consciousness…

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.
Robert Frost – excerpt from The Road Not Taken

*You can take the girl out of Higher Education but you can’t take the pedantic, non-plagiarising, absolute-fear-of-mentioning-anything-that-isn’t-referenced-properly out of the girl. Not sure how one is supposed to refer to works of literature in a blog post. Italics will have to do for now. Moral of the story, don’t take what isn’t yours…

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