The day job (part one)

Here’s a little diversion. No dog hair in sight. Thought I’d tell you about one of my day jobs (‘one’ of them – a girl needs to spread her net wide in this day and age –  can’t get pigeon holed into just the one career, you know). This has been a passion of mine for over ten years now; the Earth Pathways Diary. It’s a simple concept. We take the arty and wordy equivalent of your fantasy 52 course meal, complete with the MOST delicious, MOST delightful, MOST delectable awesomely yummy foods and drinks that you can possible imagine, and place them delicately, in a beautifully considered order (well, can we take the credit for that? Actually, the natural world and the seasons should probably take the credit for that), for your feasting delight and enjoyment.

In plain English, what we ACTUALLY do is take artwork and writing that inspires us to connect to the land, and place it within an annual cycle (it’s a diary – d’uh) of the seasons and the Earth-based festivals that celebrate the changing energies of the year, and throw in the astrological transits and phases of the moon to produce a beautiful, informative and (we hope) inspiring resource which can be used as a reflective journal, a creative space, or just a diary to record your everyday tasks, routines and appointments. All work in the diary is contributed to us by some of the most wonderfully creative and generous folk living within these lands. The calendar is more of the same but in 12 larger portions, think super-sizing the best of the dairy with additional monthly vitamins and minerals.

Plus, we use some of the profits from the sales of the diary and calendar to fund small, ‘grass-roots’ projects which focus on supporting the Earth so we’re giving back to the Earth lovin’ community. It’s just beginning to crank up to one of our busier times of the year so I’m sure I’ll be sharing snippets of the gossip and silliness that go on behind the scenes (as it were) but if you feel in the tinsiest bit inclined to treat yourself (or your favourite Earth lovin’ friend/acquaintance/neighbour/work colleague/random person you met on the bus) to one or both of these superb products then head on over to the Earth Pathways website and bagsy yourself some visual haute cuisine…

About the Author

Magickal Beanist, busy mummy, committed vegan, ardent recycler, obsessive knitter, recent jogger, animal lover, Cotswold dweller, ridiculous writer, attempts to live a conscious, magickal life by design. Enjoys a large glass of bubbly stuff at the weekend. And I'm not talking about washing up liquid if you know what I mean. Contact me through the website. Your reward will be good karma and a friend for life ;o)

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