The 3rd puppy to save my life

This weekend has been momentous. We have taken into our home a little foster puppy. He has come all the way from Spain where the heat is beginning to get very uncomfortable for him. If he hadn’t have come this weekend, it’s unlikely he would have come to the UK at all and his life would have been very different. Do we need a foster puppy in our lives? Nope. Are we aware of all the responsibilities and costs involved in fostering a pup? Yep. Would we have been better served spending our energy on sorting out the jungle garden, or getting a new garden shed (it leaks; it wobbles; it’s good for nothing), or upgrading DDs bed (she keeps falling through it), or fixing the brakes on my car, (eeek? Well, I don’t go *that* fast anyway and what with that hole in the driver’s floor I can always shove a foot through and heely the floor like my kids on their scooters :-/), or any number of other things that are priority jobs in our household? Yes, of course.

Some folk will think we’ve got our priorities all wrong. I happen to think that one of the greatest priorities for *all* humans on the planet at this time is to extend compassion and love to other living beings; humans, animals, all the planet’s flora and fauna, even X-Factor fans (well, maybe not X-Factor fans). To be able to say that you have changed the life of a living creature for the better (hold on, I’m gonna big that up a bit, HUGELY, POSITIVELY, MASSIVELY, WONDERFULLY changed a creature’s life for EVER) is actually not even on a par with fixing the leaky roof in the shed or doing a bit of re-decorating (that the kids will wipe their bogeys on anyway) (pebble dash styleeee).

Pup’s arrival has catapulted me into re-evaluating the things I currently spend my energy, time and money on, and checking whether those things are still a good fit for me. The work I need to do in the world feels strongly rooted in animal welfare and the education of folk about how we can best support our animal brethren. This (for me) naturally crosses over into how we can best support, nourish and nurture ourselves and the planet; simple concepts, big undertakings!!! Pondering on these concepts and setting them as my core values, from which all of my thoughts and actions should therefore be coming, I realise that I’m not always directing my daily energy & activity in the direction of my ‘life purpose’ which is a bit of a shitter. That’s not to say that what I do is completely at odds with it, just that I’m aware there are big chunks that need to be completely eliminated, large areas which aren’t being accommodated at all, and a fair bit of fine tuning and making good around the edges of what currently is. I’m pleased to report though, that the level of organic, dark chocolate consumption that I’m currently engaging in, is probably about spot on so it’s certainly not all bad news.

So it feels as if a journey is on the cards. Not down the M5 to the seaside (sadly) but an exploration of whether I am truly aligning everything I do with my bigger life purpose. Who would have thought such a little fluff-monger would have inspired such huge philosophical questions in a simple, bean-loving hippy such as me? I cordially invite you to observe the ride………..


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Magickal Beanist, busy mummy, committed vegan, ardent recycler, obsessive knitter, recent jogger, animal lover, Cotswold dweller, ridiculous writer, attempts to live a conscious, magickal life by design. Enjoys a large glass of bubbly stuff at the weekend. And I'm not talking about washing up liquid if you know what I mean. Contact me through the website. Your reward will be good karma and a friend for life ;o)

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