Road trip to yet another country

Hola to all my fans, Pupskins here. We went on a roadtrip to a castle somewhere. It was up some big road in another country called Waaaales. I didn’t need my puppy passport to get in or out. My new people said ‘what’s the best thing to come out of Waaaales’? The answer is the M4. I don’t get it. Here is my story about our trip.

To get in the car I was bribed with three gravy bones. They were delicious; I chewed them very slowly to savour this gastronomical delight while allowing the flavours to melt gently on my tongue. I detected a hint of mellow fruitfulness, a rich, light, biscuity texture and perhaps a touch of Mediterranean herbs in the gravy coating. They sat lightly in my tummy and digested with the ease of a feather on a summer breeze.

We got to the castle. My new people walked around. There was a river. And some walls with slits in. And some willow horse knight thing. And some cellar thing that my new Mum said gave her the heeby-jeebys.

Then they stopped for lunch. This was a smorgasbord of sandwiches on freshly baked sour dough bread, with lashings of hummus, guacamole and one of my absolute favourites, baba ganoush with just the right amount of smoked paprika, such a difficult balance to perfect. I was flung the merest morsel of each of these delights but relished the opportunity to tantalise my taste buds with such exotic flavours.

Then we walked around the outside of the castle thing.

I was bribed back into the car for home time with a new culinary experience namely ‘denta sticks’, a charming concept whereby your food really is your medicine, or at least your toothbrush. The dental stick itself is an interesting little cocktail of an a la dente, almost croutonesque consistency, comprising four raised edges resembling an elongated cross which claims to scour the teeth while being consumed. I ploughed into the gamey piquancy with an exhilarated animation; the challenge of stretching my mouth to delicately encompass the geometric nourishment only adding to the hedonistic pleasure of this fabulous fare. And my teeth? Sparkling like diamonds.

Then we drove back over a bridge, up this really wide road thing and got home. I love these day trips to culturally interesting places. I learned lots about castles. The end. No moral to this story.

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