RIP Bonsai

Once upon a time I rescued a tiny little Bonsai tree from his cramped, shallow-rooted, pot-bound life and planted him deeply into the earth, just outside of my kitchen window so that I could see him flourish and unravel and plunge his erstwhile stunted roots deeply into the soil to celebrate being a proper tree instead of a manipulated, condensed, forced version of himself. I have a need to rescue the genuinely unfortunate and underprivileged, it’s a recurrent theme.

Bonsai was doing well.

Then we got the puppy.

The moral of the story? RIP Bonsai.

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Magickal Beanist, busy mummy, committed vegan, ardent recycler, obsessive knitter, recent jogger, animal lover, Cotswold dweller, ridiculous writer, attempts to live a conscious, magickal life by design. Enjoys a large glass of bubbly stuff at the weekend. And I'm not talking about washing up liquid if you know what I mean. Contact me through the website. Your reward will be good karma and a friend for life ;o)

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