Reading the paw prints….

Lil’ Pupskins has now perfected the art of jumping into our bath tub. He especially loves to do this just after we’ve used it so that he can produce the dirtiest, muddiest and, of course, most clearly delineated paw prints he can possibly muster on the damp surface. To begin with, it was a little bit irritating, especially as we’ve got a centuries old enamel bath*, desperately in need of re-enamelling (apparently) which hangs on to smears, stains and marks-in-general like a newly cleaned windscreen plunging into a plague of locusts. I think I might be in need of re-enamalling, actually, but that’s an entirely different story. I digress.

Anyway, one morning when I was scrubbing away at Pupskins’ latest creative endeavours, I thought I could make out shapes which, according to canine foot biology, shouldn’t really be there; look! wasn’t that a galleon in full regalia?, and here! a small honey bee visits a flowering agapanthus, and regard! the omen of a seven sided dice (I know that should be die but it doesn’t sound as ominous. Although how can a word which means ‘to die’ not sound ominous? Oh good grief)………. Admittedly these visions could have been the result of tea tree fumes in a small, non-ventilated room. Or merely the effect of bending over and scrubbing hard (although I am a frequent bendy scrubber and visual hallucinations are not a problem I often encounter).

It was at this moment that I realised the gift Lil’ Pupskins was giving me; some use the tea leaves, others the runes, – ancient indigenous people used cut up images from Ikea catalogues and let them flutter down into a semblance of prophecy……… yes, Lil’ P is using his paw prints to TELL THE FUTURE. He knows the ways of the Universe and he is sharing these auguries and revelations IN OUR OLD BATH TUB. (This explains why many of his ‘paw oracles’ are ball, bone & biscuit shaped; he loves snacks & playing, in that order, and clearly sees them featuring predominantly in his future). Now, I’m not adverse to a bit of metaphysical intuited shenanigans myself (more about that soon) so I’m pretty pleased that my dog is following in my footsteps and doing a bit of predictive divining with his own footsteps. Pawsteps, rather. If you have a request for him, let me know and I’ll get him to do the dance of destiny in our bath for you. Moral of the story? There are messages in that mud.

*OK, this might be a slight exaggeration but it is really bloody old, that’s for sure.

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