Big, fat fail :(

Well, what a turn up for the books. This might possibly be the swiftest conclusion to a blog ever. Remember I started doing this coz I’d been inspired into greatness by the arrival of our foster pup? Well, our foster pup is no longer our foster pup and so I wonder whether I should continue to spew the workings of my day-to-day existence into the blogosphere if my situation has so radically changed. “Radically changed?” I hear you all cry? “How have you failed in your fostering when you’ve only been doing it for a nanosecond?” Well, I’ll let Pupskins explain in this little, badly filmed, unedited, no-threat-to-Spielberg-what-so-ever, cameo of the cheeky fluff-meister himself…..

Ah, that’s such a happy ending!! Oh, but, what’s that? You DO want me to continue blogging and entertaining you with the mediocrity that is our lives? Oh go on then… I’ve come this far and it would be rude not to. See you in a few days…
Oh, moral of the story? Failure can also be fantastic.

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