What is Magickal Beans ‘About’?

Wellllll…….. it’s all very new (summer/autumn ’17) so I’m not sure how it’s going to pan out. It’ll mainly be stuff that interests me. And might interest you. Like an online diary with silliness and seriousness in equal measure (that’s a lie. There will be WAY more silliness). And animal hair. Some ranting too, probably. Oh and some green credentials. Badly Photoshopped vegetables without a doubt. Maybe the odd inspiration, motivation, get-off-your-backside-and-change-your-life lecture. And masses of woo-woo-magicky stuff because I’m good at that.

Mmmm… but why bother?

Because I’m convinced there are lots of other folk out there who have the same worries, fears and experiences as me and would love to know they’re not alone in this quirky, weird, unfathomable and yet delicious thing called life. And if nothing else it can be your weekly comedy show, kind of.

And the beans?

Why beans? Because beans are the most hilarious objects I can think of. And I like to laugh, often and with gusto. And we all know beans cause gusto.

magick with added beans